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A company of musicians & singers who over the years have been hand-picked by Van Morrison to perform and record with him, have formed a repertory company unlike any other, in order to perform the hugely loved songs that make up one of the greatest and most loved song catalogues of all time.

This astonishing collection of musicians have collectively  performed thousands of concerts all over the world with Van Morrison, as well as collectively appearing on a staggering 845 Van Morrison recording credits, covering decades of live performances and recording sessions with the legendary songwriter.

Hosted by Saxophonist, BBC Radio 2 & Jazz FM Broadcaster and Musical Director, Leo Green, who has performed several hundreds of concerts with Van Morrison and who appears on 63 recordings, across 7 Van Morrison albums, these shows feature songs performed faithfully and respectfully - as they appear on recordings or live performances - in many cases, that these musicians actually played and appeared on. 

Van Morrison Alumni currently features: Matt Holland (Trumpet), Alec Dankworth (Bass), Robin Aspland (Piano), Ralph Salmins (Drums), along with a supporting cast of incredible musicians and singers, who have included: Al Cherry (Guitar), Gary Baldwin (Hammond), Snowboy (Percussion), Marianne Haynes (Violin), Emma Smith (Vocals), Wayne Hernandez (Vocals), Vanessa Haynes (Vocals), Jill Marie Cooper (Vocals), Andy Caine (Vocals), Roo Savill (Vocals) & Nick Shirm (Vocals).

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